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Project Date : 

July 2016

Platform : 



The major aim of the project was to understand the problems faced by commuters using Indian railway tickets and coming up with clean and precise solution. Ticket redesign was a much needed project for ease of commuters.

In what context do people in India use ticket ?

Check the train date, time, number

Handy to fold it and keep it in the pocket


Quick view on most important details

Existing System

The current Indian Railway tickets misses the major part of Information hierarchy and visual prioritising.

Pain points of the current ticket  

Lack of Information structuring 

Material is Paper thus, Fragile 


Major information is not highlighted 

Quick glance information is missing 

Proposed System

The proposed ticket has been designed in a way that there is clear hierarchy of the information so that the user is able to red the most important information in one glance 

Old v/s New 

The Blackboard that is redesigned has a clear Interface with optimised Information Architecture and Navigation System.

The PNR number is important part of the ticket which has been missing 

The destination and the boarding is not clearly mentioned 

The amount of the ticket and the ticket number which is very important for the user are not depicted in the order of priority

The ticket is redesigned keeping in mind all the user requirement. The information hierarchy is created as per the information received from the user and their priority, which includes 

  • PNR number clearly stated 

  • Destination and boarding to be seen in one glance 

  • Amount paid for the ticket 

  • The train number and the boarding date and time 



User Persona

Existing User evaluation 


Information Structuring



Visual Design 


High Fidelity 


Final Mockup

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