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Project Date : 

July 2016 ( 2 week)

Platform : 

Web platform

What do you think Garbage is ?

Waste ?

Think Twice !!!

Welcome to Bangalore !!!

Screenshot 2018-09-11 13.39.17.png
Garbage icon-min_edited.png

The population of Bengaluru is ~8.5 million produces nearly 3,500 tons of waste/day.

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There have been many initiative taken place in past years to solve the problems of garbage collection and disposal but none of them succeeded

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Garbage collection and disposal has been the major problem in Bengaluru

Screenshot 2018-09-11 17.31.48.png

Secondary Research

Statistic of Bangalore

Garbage collection statistic of Bangalore was taken out and the following was the conclusion

Screenshot 2018-09-11 17.55.39.png
Screenshot 2018-09-11 17.55.39.png
Screenshot 2018-09-11 17.55.39.png
Screenshot 2018-09-11 17.55.56.png
Screenshot 2018-09-11 17.56.07.png

Solid waste activity performed by BBMP and OTHERS 

Pourakarmikas hired in Bengaluru

Screenshot 2018-09-11 17.56.22.png

Primary Door to door collection

Screenshot 2018-09-11 20.28.31.png
Screenshot 2018-09-11 20.28.43.png

Secondary collection and Transportation

Journey Map based on Secondary Research

Screenshot 2018-09-14 00.23.04.png


How do we resolve the garbage collection and

disposal for the household in the current scenario ?


Screenshot 2018-09-14 00.41.09.png
Screenshot 2018-09-14 00.42.02.png

Areas of Inquiry

Design Guide




Priming and Probing


Primary Research

Primary research was performed to understand the garbage collection and disposal process in bangalore yelahnaka region under BBMP 

Journey Map After Primary Research

Screenshot 2018-09-14


Screenshot 2018-09-14


Screenshot 2018-09-14 13.34.03.png

There is a need to make waste management system 'simpler' at 'source level' 

Framing the Problem


Segregation and Awareness

Reasons of this problem

  • Why is there a lack of awareness?

  • No proper medium to understand the difference between wet and dry waste.

  • No strong campaigns by the Government

  • Irresponsibility towards the environment.

Why segregation is a problem?

  • Collectors awareness level about the segregation is not up to themark.

  • No training to the collectors

  • Ethnicity of the country matters in the case of wastemanagement

  • Labels being confusing to the generators makes it difficult for the collectors to segregate.

Significance of problems

  • Why should we address Segregation?

  • Segregated waste is gold.

  • Profit is generated by treating the waste properly.

  • Garbage not properly disposed would create a problem for citizens.

Possible Solution

Let the product speak for itself !

Logo on the packaging will help consumers understand and decide which what go in what bin. The logo would describe both the packaging and the product inside the packaging and where we should throw each one. 

Screenshot 2018-09-15 13.51.53.png
Screenshot 2018-09-15 13.51.48.png
Screenshot 2018-09-15 13.51.43.png

This will help in segregation at the source level especially where people do not understand which is dry and wet waste. This logo is graphic element so no language barrier and can be used in all countries.

Screenshot 2018-09-15 13.52.35.png
Screenshot 2018-09-15 13.52.35.png
Screenshot 2018-09-15 13.52.35.png

The logo here, tells about the kind of waste the packaging  is. In this case it says that it is dry waste

The logo in this section mentions what kind of waste is the content inside.

Over here, it tells that the content inside is organic waste or wet waste.

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